Managing Burnout

Instructed by Jay Johnson

Format: On-demand recorded video, assessment, resources.

Skill Level: All Levels

Master Class Description

Burnout is classified by the World Health Organization as an "Occupational Phenomenon," however it seems to go much deeper than just work. This Master Class will explore the science of burnout and the steps you can take to diagnose, prevent, and treat it when it occurs in your life or in your office.

What are the requirements?

Membership in the Titan Skills Academy

What am I going to get from this Master Class?

1. Defining burnout and the resulting medical impacts on health and wellness
2. Examining the signs and symptoms of burnout
3. Creating boundaries between home and work
4. Maintaining social connections and healthy relationships
5. Mindfulness, resilience building, and other tools that reduce burnout
6. Maintaining motivation and productivity in the remote world

Who is this Master Class for?

Volunteers, Employees, Managers, Executives, Non-profits, Businesses, Government, and Corporations.

Learning Journey

About the Instructor

Profile Picture
Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson is an internationally renowned speaker, trainer, and organizational consultant specializing in behavior and performance. Jay works with people and organizations to empower teams, grow profits, and transform leaders through behavioral intelligence. He is a TEDx speaker, Forbes Business Council Member, and has given keynotes and workshops in 20 countries across 4 continents.

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