Diversity and Inclusion

Better Perspectives, Better Understandings, Better Bottom Lines

Instructed by Michelle McGrann and Jay Johnson

Format: On-demand recorded video, assessment, resources.

Skill Level: All Levels

Master Class Description

Diversity and inclusion have become much more than just mere buzzwords. The largest of nonprofits and corporations have begun to understand that through diversity and inclusion, an organization gains better perspectives, better understandings, and ultimately, better bottom lines. In this training, participants will explore diversity and inclusion opportunities that can quickly make significant impacts within their organization.

What are the requirements?

Membership in the Titan Skills Academy.

What am I going to get from this Master Class?

Participants will learn:
o Best practices in creating diverse and inclusive environments.
o Techniques to promote diversity and inclusion in organizations.
o How diversity can improve outcomes.

Who is this Master Class for?

Volunteers, Employees, Managers, Executives, Non-profits, Businesses, Government, and Corporations.

About the Instructors

Profile Picture
Michelle McGrann

Do you have an idea but don't know what you need to do to make it happen? A goal for the future but don't know what steps to take to achieve it? I specialize in helping you figure out the "how".

With my unique background of communication and behavioral sciences, coupled with over a decade in leadership and organizational management, I have assisted both small businesses and large corporations with successful strategies for figuring out what they want and how to get there.

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Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson is an internationally renowned speaker, trainer, and organizational consultant specializing in behavior and performance. Jay works with people and organizations to empower teams, grow profits, and transform leaders through behavioral intelligence. He is a TEDx speaker, Forbes Business Council Member, and has given keynotes and workshops in 20 countries across 4 continents.

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